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Welcome to our program, an on line fitness and nutrition tools webpage. For those that don't already know us we are, EXTREME GYM and we have a passion for fitness. It is our goal to make your quest for health, wellness and fitness to be successful and rewarding. As an extension to the already great group of products and services we provide, I'd like to personally invite you to join one of our great programs to help you succeed in ALL of your fitness goals. Below you can choose to be a member of one of our personal programs. These custom made fitness plans have exactly what you are looking for, if you are serious about your fitness goals. Also, most meals can be made and delivered to you weekly!! Contact us for further details.

Our On-line Program: $1 per month

  • Get all the benefits of our 24/7 On-line Program, Customized by us, for you!
  • Get access to our online community with group membership.
  • **Does not include Promotional Rewards or Fitness Testing.

"This comprehensive program will take the guess work out of getting in shape by helping you set your fitness goals, developing a personal fitness and nutrition program and giving you the knowledge and willpower to succeed!

Past clients have seen significant changes in as little as 2 weeks! Daily menus and workouts give you the tools to understand metabolism and how exercise, nutrition and stress impact your success in all your fitness goals.


My programs include:

  • A personalized fitness program for strength, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning.
  • A personalized nutrition program.
  • Constant access to your program that changes as you change
  • Immediate analysis of body measurements in addition to measurements in strength, power, endurance and abdominal strength."
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